Featured below are a number of Alumni from Constructionarium. Read their story of how the Constructionarium learning experience has helped them.  Click here to see where other delegates have taken their skills around the world.

Agata Ostrowska – Berkley Group
Technical Manager – Berkeley Homes (North East London) Ltd

I studied Civil Engineering at London South Bank University and during the second year attended Constructionarium at Bircham Newton to complete the Pavilion project. My role was Project Manager and being giving the responsibility of managing the team at such an early stage was not without its challenges. It was a fun week and helped to crystalise some of the learning that we covered at university.

During my final year we were able to attend the temporary Constructionarium site based in London as apart of the Olympic construction works. Here my team undertook the Barcelona Tower project and I was involved in the logistics and setting out team. This gave me a great opportunity to gain different skills from my experience the previous year, far more practical. With the added benefit of having completed a Constructionarium activity before and more maturity, we were able to be far more successful.

The two events really made me understand theory we had learned, in particular, why Health and Safety is so important; and the project management skills have definitely helped me in my current role. It was good to see how differing Contractors work and if you are looking to recruit civil engineering students, Constructionarium allows industry to show case their organisation to potential employees, suppliers and clients who will be graduating into the construction world.

Overall I found the experiences to have been very useful and I would thoroughly recommend that ALL civil engineering students attend. Universities should include this as an essential part of their curriculum each year, rotating around the differing projects as it enables students to take on differing roles, gain more experience and face the different challenges each project brings. It really adds values to the university experience. It doesn’t matter where your career takes you, whether it is as a contractor, consulting engineer, supplier or client; as understanding the roles of your follow colleagues across the wider construction industry is extremely beneficial. Highly recommended.

Note: LSBU is currently seeking industry partners for the 2015/16 academic year. Please contact Julia Stevens at Constructionarium on 07950 686 596 or Dr Mahmood Datoo at LSBU on 0207 815 7388.