Constructionarium Ltd.


imageBircham Newton, Norfolk, England
Constructionarium Ltd occupies a bespoke 6 hectare site which has been specifically designed and built to provide a range of challenging teaching and learning conditions.  It is on a dedicated site within the National Construction College, Bircham Newton, Norfolk, PE31 6RH.

At present, there are 17 work areas including a scaled down river, a lake, stabilised flatlands, mountainous terrain, some dodgy areas of porous strata and high ground water. This provides realistic construction experiences.

Constructionarium Ltd can offer a range of other short courses and workshops including Surveying courses, Mental Health First Aid training etc either at our sites in Bircham Newton, Norfolk or Southall, London  (from the Autumn) or your premises.


Blackridge, West Lothian, Scotland
Constructionarium (Scotland) Ltd is hosted at the site of Sibbald Ltd, Shona’s Way, Sibbald Park, Blackridge, West Lothian, EH48 3BN.

Not all projects are available at this site.