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Post-Doctoral Research Associates (Two positions available)

University of Cambridge The University of Cambridge is looking for two Post-Doctoral Research Associates with research experience in Construction IT/informatics. The sponsoring project is titled: “AI-Optimized Pathways for Schedule Execution” and will be conducted in collaboration with nPlan and Kier. It aims to exploit deep learning as a toolset to improve planning and schedule execution. The post-holders will be responsible for devising or configuring AI models capable of (a) learning the potential outcomes of a sequence of scheduled tasks, (b) learning to detect missing dependencies between tasks in a schedule, and (c) learning the optimal sequence of tasks for minimising duration/risk. The team will be further expected to develop automated reference class benchmarking, create a Human-Computer Interface to present and allow human interpretation of the results at various levels of granularity, and study the benefit of the platform in the field to prove the feasibility of the approach.

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