Constructionarium Ltd.


Constructionarium Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation providing an innovative and ‘hands-on’ construction experience for students and professionals in the built environment sector.  Since 2003 over 13,000 delegates have attended Constructionarium to work in teams over six days to build one of our carefully designed projects. Each project is a scaled down replica of an iconic structure from around the world which mirrors the challenges of life on site and enables students to apply the knowledge they have gained in a practical, safe and relevant environment.

Triangle 2015

The basic model consists of a triangle formed by an academic institution, a contractor and a consultant; working in partnership to deliver a new learning experience which combines the academic perspective with those of the design professional and practical site delivery.  Delegates are assessed throughout the week in respect of budgetary control, methodology and project management.

Constructionarium is typically delivered as a 6-day working field course.

“Constructionarium isn’t there to gloss over the wonderland that the industry is.  It simply presents it as it is, to those who will be its future custodians.  And the more prepared they are the better.”  

Abigail Tomkins, Managing Editor, Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors