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Minister and local MP visit Constructionarium to see the next generation of Built Environment employees turning theory into practice

Appointed in September 2021 into a new role with key priorities in levelling up, skills, construction, and net zero, Lee Rowley (Minister for Industry) says the UK needs a multi-disciplinary approach if it is to stay competitive and deliver a workforce that can meet the government’s priority of decarbonising the Built Environment at speed.

His comments came as he visited Constructionarium, a not-for-profit organisation based in Norfolk. It provides essential practical programmes for students in higher and further education studying Built Environment courses and for professionals across the sector who lack practical application by “Turning Theory Into Practice”.

The Minister said “The Constructionarium is an inspiring facility which shares our priorities on providing skills and experience to those entering a trade. With demand high, there has never been a better time to consider a career in construction.

This industry has a vital role to play in helping our economy grow and it is through initiatives such as Constructionarium that we can ensure the next generation of people entering the workforce have the skills to improve the sector in the coming decades.’ 

During his visit, accompanied by local MP James Wild, they met students from the University of Salford who, working in teams, were hard at work constructing a 30ft version of Ove Arup’s Kingsgate Footbridge (which spans the River Wear in Durham from the University to the town) and a scaled replica of the Millennium Gallery based in Sheffield.

James Wild is the local MP to Constructionarium and has visited the facility on a number of occasions. He said “Constructionarium is an exemplar organisation which has listened to the needs of the industry, academia and government and is taking proactive steps to move the dial on the net zero agenda. It was great to have the construction minister in West Norfolk to see the training facilities here to help the next generation gain valuable experience.”

The pair of MP’s were invited by Constructionarium to see the site in action and to discuss their plans for developing their site into a multi-disciplinary training facility.

Julia Stevens, CEO of Constructionarium, had briefed the party about Constructionarium’s history.  Established to address a skills gap for graduates entering the industry with no site experience, it now sees in excess of 800 students a year.  It has a portfolio of large scaled replicas of iconic projects (such as The Gherkin, Millau Cable Bridge, Barcelona Tower etc) which are constructed in a week and provides real context to the learning undertaken at college and university; alongside providing a raft of personal and employability skills.

The unique organisation is developing its offering by building on its 18-year success through decarbonising it’s own projects, facility, and making a transition into a multi-disciplinary training facility for the Built Environment sector. This will aim for a closer collaboration between academics, designers, and constructors to educate students in the critical decisions of retrofit vs newbuild.  Keith Clarke, Chairman, and the party discussed the urgent need for decarbonising the industry at all levels, individuals having the skills to deal with the digitalisation the industry is pushing for, and how these can be implemented safely on the wider construction sites – not just the mega projects being undertaken.  Interest in Constructionarium’s NetZero webinars and their app, which is in development – the NetZeroHub, has been very successful during the past 18 months and has enabled employees at all levels to understand the issues and challenges affecting the sector.

Constructionarium’s offering will enable the likes of EDF to take innovative approaches to support its East Anglia project at Sizewell with local recruitment, training, and skills development.  Guy Hazlehurst, Workforce Development Lead for Sizewell C, commented that the “Constructionarium facility is very impressive and inspirational for young people and new entrants coming into the industry and those seeking a career change.  It’s foresight to move to a multi-disciplinary approach will resonate with the needs of the sector going forward.” Whilst Damian Leydon, Sunergos Partnership (Construction Advisor for Sizewell C – CWA) spoke of “the requirement for all levels of academia to have a joined-up approach to skills.  The opportunities Constructionarium presents to all parties working across the Built Environment provides a natural vehicle for success”.

The 19-acre bespoke training facility is based within the CITB National Construction College at Bircham Newton and works closely with Constructionarium.  Tim Balcon, CEO of CITB, said “Constructionarium helps to bring the excitement of the construction sector to students and that’s why we are pleased to host it at our National Construction College (NCC) campus in Bircham Newton.

The event enabled wider discussions about what CITB are doing to create better outcomes for construction employers across Britain.”

The Minister, Lee Rowley, was also interviewed by Fix Radio during the visit providing another first for Constructionarium.

Protective equipment donated to Constructionarium

Engineers of the future will find themselves in safe hands thanks to a donation from a medieval charity.

Constructionarium, has been presented with a selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) for use during training activities, from the Rochester Bridge Trust.

The PPE, all of which is unworn, was left over from the recent multi-million pound Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

Kate Castle, Bridge Programme Manager, explained: “During the refurbishment we needed to purchase a large selection of PPE to ensure there was enough to keep the whole workforce safe on site. This inevitably meant that at the end of the project there were items that remained unused.

“As a small team, it was not sensible for us to keep the wide range of sizes and equipment, so we were pleased to be able to give it to a good home.”

Constructionarium runs training activities that see participants create scaled-down replicas of iconic structures from around the world. This gives young people the opportunity to experience the challenges of life on site while enabling them to develop their skills in a practical, safe and relevant environment.

Julia Stevens, Chief Executive of Constructionarium said: “It’s really important for young engineers to gain hands-on experience of construction sites and this kit will be an important part of that. We are grateful to the Rochester Bridge Trust for providing us with this donation of PPE.

“We provide training courses to delegates from all over the country, so there’s the possibility that someone who wears some of this kit on our site today may one day go on to work on Rochester Bridge itself.

Donated kit included lightweight high-visibility jackets and trousers, site gloves and site glasses, in a range of sizes.

This donation is part of the Trust’s commitment to reduce its carbon impact. To find out more visit:

Now is an exciting time to be Boring in Norfolk!

A team of students called The Warwick Boring Team are heading to LA next month to compete in Elon Musk’s the Boring Company’s tunnelling competition. They will build their tunnelling machine and test it against competitors to get top spot.

A group of thirty students, known as the Warwick Boring team at the University of Warwick have been working on the innovative tunnelling technology – The Boring Machine to make our transport greener, cheaper and faster in the future.

Warwick Boring have succeeded into the finals of one of the most prestigious tunnelling competitions organised by The Boring Company. They got shortlisted into 12 teams out of nearly 400 applicants, making them top 3% worldwide.

The main competition’s evaluation aspect is on how fast other team’s boring machines could dig tunnels. Currently, Tunnel Boring machines speed is 14x times slower than a garden snail and costs from $100 million to $1 billion per mile. The team will be competing against other top universities (MIT, TUM, ETH Zurich etc.) and industry tunnelling professionals.

All teams are set to build their own prototypes and demonstrate its operation to build 30m long and 500mm wide tunnels.

Warwick Boring team is supported by several industry experts as well as university academics. Team members are STEM students, from various fields including mechanical, electrical, system engineering, physics and mathematics. Lots of them have received various international awards (i.e NASA Space Settlement Competition winners, etc.), prestigious scholarships, lead international voluntary projects and gained required experience from companies like (Jaguar Land Rover, Atkins, etc.)

Ahead of the final event taking place in September near Los Angeles, Constructionarium Ltd is hosting tunnelling trials at its site in Bircham Newton, Norfolk.  Their 19-acre site provides similar soil types that the tunnel boring machine will be encountering during the finals.  Julia Stevens, Chief Exec commented “Constructionarium is delighted to be involved with this exciting project by providing a testing ground to enable final calibrations and preparations to be made.  Alongside our traditional learning, our bespoke facility provides a great testing ground to help prove, test and showcase innovative built environment ideas and prototypes.” 

Sanzhar Taizhan, Founder and Co-Project Lead at Warwick Boring comments:
“We are still shocked by the result! The project is like a roller-coaster with ups and downs. We have spent hundreds of hours designing and engineering the product. The experience competing in an extremely fast-pace technically orientated competition is invaluable. However, there is no time to rest, and we need to keep working hard on building the first prototype and do well in the summer. Our team are very talented and the University of Warwick is strongly helping us to achieve our goals. We are very much looking forward to seeing the TBM trialling next month at Constructionarium and seeing theory put into practice.  Anyone who is interested to support our team, please, feel free to reach out to us. We still have our crowdfunding campaign open on our website.”

The team started the competition in September last year and proceeded through several selection stages including submitting detailed technical reports. However this is not the first time Sanzhar has led a team into an Elon Musk competition, as a previous team reached the semi-finals of SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, where they designed high-efficient and fast hyperloop capsule in 2018- 2019 (“Warwick Hyperloop” team). The team had more than 400 different students throughout 3 years of work.

Dr Alan Bloodworth, a lecturer in civil engineering and one of the Academic Advisors to the team, says: “This is indeed a fantastic achievement by the team. They have shown great confidence, self-belief and a ‘can do’ attitude, as well as careful attention to high quality engineering and technical solutions. It is a diverse team that has come together with a shared objective to design and build better for a sustainable future that is a great showcase of what young engineers are capable of. We look forward with great anticipation to the final.”

Professor Gill Cooke, Head of Teaching of the School of Engineering further commented, “We are so proud of the achievements of the student-led team in qualifying. Working across different disciplines is an important life skill that we encourage at Warwick, and it is great to see students from different departments collaborating. We have made investments in workshops and build spaces for our engineering students and it is superb to see the skills in creativity and innovation they have learnt there being used to solve this real problem of importance to society.”


Constructionarium Delivers A New Blended Learning Womens Programme   

This week sees the formal end to Constructionarium’s inaugural Women’s programme. The programme, funded by Norfolk County Council’s Local Investment in Future Talent (LIFT) was aimed at providing a unique opportunity for females who are experiencing difficulty to get into or return to the industry. Steve Longhurst (University of Salford), who facilitated the project with Julia Stevens (Chief Exec), said An excellent week with outstanding enthusiasm from the delegates.

The programme kicked off at the beginning of May, with a host of webinars on Project Planning, Risk Assessment, Method Statements, Professional Chartership alongside hearing from some inspirational females from across the Built Environment Sector. Delegate, Sowmiya Aravinthan says The programme has been such a valuable learning experience! I especially enjoyed meeting industry professionals both onsite and in the webinar sessions.”

The group also had the opportunity to find out more about the biggest challenge the industry is facing – Climate Change and Net Zero, through a presentation by Constructionarium’s Chairman Keith Clarke. Having the opportunity to link this important topic to the programme ensured that the delegates were exposed to similar learning provided to Senior Exec’s across the industry by Constructionarium.  

A week of the programme was designated as a practical intervention, with the group meeting for the first time to undertake the build of a mini version of one of Constructionarium’s projects, Barcelona Tower at its bespoke 19 acre site in Bircham Newton.

This practical week varied from the traditional Constructionarium activities as all delegates had the opportunity to experience all of the tasks – from surveying, setting out, groundworks, form working, steel fixing, concreting and building the super structure. Craig Bond (Site Manager) commentated that it was Refreshing to experience the enthusiasm of young women towards careers in construction. It enabled delegates to understand the construction sequencing and the job roles linked with a project.”

The practical week also incorporated further webinars and visitors to site to enable the broadest exposure across the careers spectrum available in the sector.

Thanks to the following for their involvement and support throughout the whole of the project – Sharan Gill (TFL), Heather Gallagher (Atlas Copco), Pam Egbochuku (Dragados), Katie Holt (CICES), Michelle Robinson (Canham Consulting and ICE), Lizzie Forbes (Balfour Beatty), Georgia Brinkley (Balfour Beatty), Jennifer McLachlan (Costain).

A strong focus of the programme was to inspire individuals into the industry and expression of interest have been made by a number of the programmes supporters, which is fantastic.

Ayesha Patel reported that “Experiences like these don’t come often, especially for women. The Constructionarium team are changing that by providing learning opportunities for women of all backgrounds. The Women’s Programme has opened my eyes to the different aspects of construction through various on-site activities, webinars and the chance to meet women already in engineering; my role models.”

Julia Stevens, Constructionarium’s Chief Exec saidAs Constructionarium is a not for profit, this event would not have been possible without the financial support of Norfolk Council and it is hoped that this will be the first of many initiatives to inspire individuals into Construction. This unique programme provides the opportunity for a group of strangers to become friends and future colleagues across the Build Environment sector whilst gaining some fantastic skills (technical and employability) for their future careers.”





Constructionarium’s NetZero Agenda Continues

Constructionarium, a not-for-profit organisation which traditionally provides experiential learning to students studying built environment courses, took the opportunity at the start of the pandemic to launch its NetZero activities.  This was through the launch of its Lexicon, published on its website – listing a collection of activities that are being undertaken by organisations throughout the UK, alongside developing and delivering bespoke corporate webinars.  The webinars are delivered as corporate programmes for executives and senior leaders across contracting and consulting organisations and are focused on upskilling delegates on the complex subject of climate change.  They can be delivered as a one-off session or linked to corporate strategy and policy as a programme of activities.  Keith Clarke, Constructionarium’s Chairman, welcomes the inclusion of Constructionarium’s activities in a corporate setting.  He said “Constructionarium is building on its 18 year heritage and helping move the sector into thinking about net zero and the clear, urgent action that it needs to deliver as part of the current climate emergency”.

The webinars come ahead of changes Constructionarium are making to their unique offering of experiential learning, which going forward will include digitalisation and project upgrades to reflect modern methods of construction, alongside a new academic curriculum.  With decarbonised and net zero projects starting to emerge in their portfolio, the long-term future is looking bright for Constructionarium as they continue to develop their site at Bircham Newton (within the grounds of CITB’s National Construction College) into a multi-disciplinary training facility.  Julia Stevens, Chief Exec said “With the latest news that CITB will be continuing at Bircham Newton, we are delighted to continue our collaboration of providing the industry with exceptional work-ready employees across a range of emerging technologies and skills”. 

The Constructionarium Board Welcomes A New Director

Constructionarium is delighted to appoint and welcome Rebecca Hemshall, UK Finance Director at J. Murphy & Sons Limited to the Board.

She joins Keith Clarke (Chair), Graham Watts (CEO CIC), Prof David Nethercot (Imperial College), Nick Raynsford (Crossrail), Jane Richards (Head of Structures, WSP), Jane Wright (Head of Department, University of Westminster), Michael Stefanou (Property Developer) Sukhbir Gill (Project Manager, Laing O’Rourke) and Julia Stevens (CEO Constructionarium) in driving the next phase of Constructionarium’s net zero, digitalisation and transformation agenda.

Constructionarium Publishes A Lexicon Of  Climate Change Work

Constructionarium Ltd has made their first steps in helping the sector understand climate change by co-ordinating a central place for colleagues, academics and students to be aware of activities in this area, through the NetZeroLexicon.

Constructionarium, which offers experiential construction training to students and employees across the built environment sector, has published a list of over 40 organisations, professional institutes and interest groups in the UK who are actively working towards a goal of net-zero carbon. 

The construction industry contributes 39% of the total greenhouse gases worldwide, according to the World Green Building Council, with a further 28% coming from operational emissions, including energy used to heat, cool and light buildings.  Constructionarium says the industry has a very real responsibility to move away from carbon-intensive technology sooner rather than later but understanding where to find out information on activities already undertaken is not always easy – there hasn’t been a place where you can take a holistic view across the sector.

Chairman Keith Clarke CBE said, “The multitude of groups and institutions trying to address the climate change emergency is heartening with some best in class work.  However, the total effort fails to provide such transition at a scale for a fit for purpose to change the design and construction industry’s practices  in the necessary timeframe.

We are launching the Lexicon on Constructionarium’s website ( to help people find and follow initiatives, which are paving the way for the industry to move towards net zero and adopt greener technological solutions. There has been some excellent work undertaken thus far and as a sector we need to build on this work quickly to enable the sector and government to change the construction funding stimulus to one which includes environmental requirements.”

Constructionarium’s Chief Exec Julia Stevens said, “Constructionarium started to address the Climate Change issue within its traditional experiential learning activities by introducing a “Sustainability Challenge” for all our universities to participate in.  It was during this period of research that we started to notice how difficult it was to learn about the excellent work that others across the sector were undertaking.”   

“So when our customers, students and industry partners started asking us for direction and guidance, Constructionarium saw this as an opportunity to provide a platform – NetZeroLexicon,” she added. “This free platform sign-posts the reader to the excellent work currently being undertaken by others and that is already in the public domain – a central repository if you like.  We very much see this as a starting point and welcome others to join the free listing.  The more we can include the quicker the catalyst for change.”

Constructionarium intends to continue to contribute to the decarbonisation agenda in other ways, as it realises that the transition to a net zero future requires a transformation in the current training provision in order to deliver the professional and technical skills required.  It will be launching other products to support this initiative in the next few months.

New Director

The Board of Directors are pleased to announce that they have appointed                Julia Stevens, Chief Exec to the Board of Constructionarium Ltd with immediate effect.  

Julia has worked for Constructionarium since 2012 and had been involved previously through Laing O’Rourke, where she headed up their Education Agenda.

Constructionarium Donates PPE

Constructionarium Ltd were pleased to be able to donate our stock of PPE from our site in Bircham Newton to The Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital King’s Lynn and to Parson Drove Surgery in Wisbech. Site Manager,  Joe Chandler was able to safely deliver the equipment, including masks, eye protection and protective suits earlier today.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Constructionarium has been lucky enough to receive many in-kind donations over the years so it is fantastic that we have been able to contribute, in our own very small way, to the fight against Covid-19. We would like to thank everyone at the Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, Parsons Drove Surgery and the NHS as a whole for the amazing work they are doing.

Constructionarium Ltd provides a unique learning experience to students and employees across the built environment sector. We have temporarily closed our sites at Bircham Newton and Southall but are looking forward to reopening as soon as it is safe to do so. stayathome savelives nhs keepsafe


Covid-19 is a virus affecting all businesses globally.  Constructionarium Ltd has been following the UK government advice as the pandemic has unfolded ensuring that our business remained operational with staff and customers being kept informed of our operating status and actions plans.

We have constantly monitored, reviewed and adapted our working practices to comply with the rapidly changing information being supplied by the UK government.  Regrettably this now means that we have had to take the unprecedented action to close our sites for the foreseeable future to protect staff (and their families), visitors and customers.  We will continue to monitor the situation and have provisionally assumed we will be operational again in the late Summer/Autumn.  

Should you have any queries about bookings or want to find out more  about our online courses, then please contact Julia Stevens – [email protected].

In the meantime, thank you ALL for your support, kind words and please, keep safe.

Mayor visits US students at Constructionarium

The Mayor and Mayoress of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk visited the Constructionarium site at Bircham Newton on Wednesday 11 March to see how students from Texas got on as they spend their ‘Spring Break’ vacation in Norfolk. Students from Texas A&M University’s Department of Construction Science spent the week on site building scaled down replicas of the Gherkin and the Millau Bridge.

Councillor Geoff Hipperson said, “It is great to be here at Constructionarium again, to welcome everyone from Texas A&M University to Bircham Newton. Since 2004 over 13,000 students have taken part in one of these fantastic projects – putting the theory they learn at university into practice. This is my second visit to Constructionarium as Mayor and I am delighted to find this organisation thriving. It is such an asset to West Norfolk and a superb way to inspire the next generation of contractors, architects, designers and engineers.”

Constructionarium is a not for profit organisation which provides a unique learning experience for those studying the built environment or for professionals starting out on their career in the construction industry. Participants gain a great deal of practical experience and understanding as well as an introduction to safety, logistics and cost control as well as the reality of site operations.

Constructionarium occupies a 6 hectare site within the grounds of the National Construction College, Bircham Newton. The site has been specifically designed and built to provide a range of challenging teaching and learning conditions and has been recognised as a centre of excellence for experiential learning. 2020 will see Constructionarium expand their operations by offering new low carbon, façade and management training alongside the opening of a second, smaller training facility in Southall, Greater London.

L-R – Julia Stevens (CEO, Constructionarium Ltd), Mayoress and Mayor of Kings Lynn and Steve Rodgers (International Study & Internship Coordinator/UK Texas A&M University)


Constructionarium Ltd’s team expands:

Delighted to welcome the following to the team:

    • Jag Baghi, Project Manager, Southall
    • Simon Flint, Business Development Manager
    • Peter Lawton, Engineer

CITB Approved Training Provider

We are very pleased to report that we have been awarded ATO status by the CITB.  Industry will now be able to find our courses more easily via their training portal.

2019/20 Bookings

Constructionarium Ltd are delighted to be able to take bookings for experiential learning at our established Bircham Newton site and also our new facility opening early in 2020 at Southall near Heathrow.

Welcome to the Board

Constructionarium Ltd has welcomed three new Board members recently:

    • Jane Wright, Head of School, Applied Management, University of Westminster
    • Jane Richards, Head of Construction, WSP
    • Sukhbir Gill, Principal Engineer, Expanded Ltd

Board Member: Richard Haryott

Richard Haryott retired from the Board of Constructionarium Ltd in May 2019.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his support over the years.

Appointment of a new Chief Executive

The Constructionarium Ltd Board are delighted to announce the appointment of Julia Stevens as their new Chief Executive.  She has worked with the organisation on a part-time basis for seven years as their Development Manager but been involved with Constructionarium Ltd since 2006, when she headed up the Education agenda at Laing O’Rourke.

We’re recruiting – Admin Assistant

Constructionarium Ltd provides a 6-day working field trip for undergraduates following construction related qualifications based at our site in Bircham Newton, Norfolk.

We are looking for a part-time Administrative Assistance to join our busy site team until the end of June 2018. This position would ideally suit someone who is looking to maintain their level of administrative skills which fit in around school hours or other commitments. We can be flexible on daily working hours but would anticipate the successful candidate will work no more than 15 hours per week.

We seek a friendly, well-spoken and organised individual who can multi-task and prioritise, with at least five years’ previous experience as an administrator. Excellent written and spoken English is a must, as are good MS Office skills.

As this is a site based role, you will need to have a full driving licence as we are remotely based in Bircham Newton.

The closing date for this advert is noon on the 23rd February 2018. Please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected]

Constructionarium Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

We’re moving!

From 2nd January 2018, we will be moving from our offices in Camberley to London. Our new office address will be Constructionarium Ltd, c/o Construction Industry Council (CIC), The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT.

Award Short-list

We are delighted that Constructionarium Ltd. has been short-listed as one of the Top Ten companies in the Construction Enquiries Award – Best Construction Supplier to Work With (Under £25m). We are up against nine worthy contenders and the winner will be announced in October.

Many thanks to all those that voted for us and your continued support!

Award Nomination

‪Constructionarium Ltd has been nominated for Construction Enquirer Award – Best Supplier Under £25m. Winners are by public vote‬.  ‪‪Please show your support by voting and sharing this link –
Thank you!

Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors

With many thanks to the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors and in particular Abigail Tomkins for another great article about Constructionarium. Read it here.

Adminstrative Assistant

We are delighted to announce that Caroline Boyden has been appointed Admin. Asst. and joined our site team at Bircham Newton.

Alan Mack

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague Alan Mack. We were privileged to have worked with him and he will be fondly remembered for his work within the construction industry and support to Constructionarium, but more importantly for being a charismatic and fair man who saw through work to the more important matters in life. He was very popular with the students, who benefited from his wealth of experience and mentoring during our Constructionarium weeks. He will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting him. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family in these difficult times.

Constructionarium Hosts A Royal Visitor Again

On 8th December 2016 we were delighted to host a return visit of HRH The Duke of York. Nick Raynsford, Constructionarium’s President said “I am very pleased that His Royal Highness showed so much interest this unique learning experience and the difference it makes to emerging talent not only in the UK but also on a global scale.” Click here for a copy of our press release.

Constructionarium Luncheon 2016

The event enabled the team to bring guests up to date on Constructionarium’s progress, as well as hearing from four previous students (from University of East London) and University of Southampton) who have been able to utilise the experience of Constructionarium in their career search post-graduation and secure work within P J Careys and Sons Ltd, Costain, Hockley and Dawson; and NMCNomenca.
Constructionarium Ltd received £2.3m capital funding for its Bircham Newton site expansion in 2014 from CITB. The extended site opened in March this year and, with the support from CITB, hosted an open day to showcase the extended facilities. Constructionarium were pleased to see that it received a positive turnout and generated interest from future industry partners and potential attendees.
The Constructionarium group have seen more students, over 1000 attend at our various sites – Bircham Newton, Blackridge in Scotland, Newcastle and Queensland Australia. Both Newcastle and Queensland were pilot sites for us for which we are now reviewing ahead of 2017.
In their main hub at Bircham Newton, 845 students attended from 23 academic institutes which included five USA universities. Joe Chandler, Constructionarium’s newly appointed site manager has done an excellent job in ensuring the weeks run smoothly and ensuring that the zones are ready for student’s arrival each week.
Scotland increased the number of students and industry partners that participated during 2015/16 and this is due to the hard work undertaken by David Sibbald (Constructionarium Scotland) and his team.
At the end of June, Constructionarium partnered with Owen Pugh for a pilot which was hosted in their quarry in South Shields. The students that attended were a mix of students from Newcastle University, Newcastle College and Newcastle Met. College. Constructionarium Ltd would like to thank John Dickson and Jan Elliott for their support in making this event happen.
A few weeks later it was Australia’s turn to run pilot. Feedback has been very positive thus far and already there has been interest from other academic institutes to attend later this year.
Back at the hub in Bircham Newton, we have also added a new project, Canary Wharf Underground Station. We developed this project in conjunction with LUL/TFL. A successful pilot was completed in July and we look forward to this being used by other attendees going forward. The project came from previous attendees who found the experience so rewarding, they encouraged their Managers to use Constructionarium as a part of their Emerging Talent programme.
At the start of the academic year, we hosted another industry organisation – Multiplex, who used Constructionarium as part of their graduate induction process. This week was very successful in embedding the company’s health and safety behaviours, working ethos and company values and Constructionarium Ltd look forward to seeing them return again next month to the Bircham Newton site.
As the Constructionarium model links an academic institute with a contractor and consulting engineer to deliver the experience, it was delighted to welcome J.N.Bentley Ltd.’s support for the first time this year. Constructionarium welcomes any other organisation that wishes to work more closely with an academic institute (HE, UTC or FE) to contact Robin Holdsworth for more details.
During the luncheon, Constructionarium were able to share with the guests the video which was produced in March in conjunction with CITB. This gave guests the opportunity to see our extended facility at Bircham Newton and to hear from some participants. Click here to watch the video.
Whilst it was a reflective event, it is worth reporting that 2017 is set to be even busier for us with repeat bookings from every academic institute that attended in 2015/16 and with the University of East Anglia and Sheffield Hallam University joining us for the first time.
Constructionarium’s Scheme Director, Robin Holdsworth said “It has been another good year where students apply the academic knowledge on a real life construction project which is relevant to the challenges industry face every day. It was good to see many supporting industry partners using Constructionarium to seek and offer summer placements and industrial placements. Constructionarium is a valuable recruiting tool for companies developing their emerging talent pipelines and we positively encourage industry to partner with academia to help shape the workforce of the future.”
Lastly, the Constructionarium Board – The Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford (President), Stef Stefanou OBE (Chairman), Richard Haryott (Director) and the Constructionarium team – Robin Holdsworth (Scheme Director), Julia Stevens (Development Manager), Joe Chandler (Site Manager), Tom Barton (Industry Partnering Manager) and Dave Armsworth (Health and Safety Manger) would like to thank all the students, academics and industry partners for their continued support in making Constructionarium the unique success it is today.

Last Week for 2015/16 – The first on our extended site at Bircham Newton

It’s been very busy for us this season, 29 academic institutes, over 1000 students attended one of our four sites, significant site expansion at Bircham Newton and project development work.  Thank you to all that have participate and made it so successful.

Constructionarium Open Day – 16th March 2016

We, in conjunction with CITB, are delighted to invite you to see the expansion of our facilities at Bircham Newton. There will be opportunity to see the new zones in action, hear more about our portfolio of projects, discuss the learning outcome with academics and students, understand our impact on the construction industry and meet some of our industry partners.  To book your place, please click here

Constructionarium Newsletter 2015

Our newsletter is out, click here to read.

Constructionarium Luncheon 2015

Our annual luncheon was held at the Royal Academy of Engineering on the 16th September.  We had a great event celebrating another successful year.  Our President, Nick Raynsford and Scheme Director Robin Holdsworth discussed the highlights of 2014/15, which included:

  • increase in student numbers
  • increase in academic establishments attending
  • start of expansion work on our site at Bircham Newton
  • a visit from HRH Duke of York
  • participation in the National Women’s Engineering Day
  • bookings from organisations wishing to use Constructionarium as part of their internal development programmes
  • an excellent article by Abigail Tomkins in the  Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors ebook (  A direct link to the article is here –
  • the launch of a new website.
Alexander Stevinson and Stavrini Charilaou from the University of Nottingham gave excellent presentations of the learning and work they and their teams undertook  whilst at Constructionarium.
Dr Tom Cherrett premiered the University of Southampton’s video they  made of this years attendance, which can be viewed on our media page or by clicking here.
We had several new organisations attending the luncheon and hope that these new links will materialise into new Industry Partners going forward.
Last Week for 2014/15 – what a year!

It’s been very busy for us this season, 18 academic institutes have attended, 900 students, site expansion, development work and a royal visit.  Thank you to all that have made it happen.

Constructionarium hosts a royal visit

We were delighted that HRH the Duke of York accepted our invitation to visit us. He joined us on our last week, seeing University of Birmingham students undertaking Ravenspurn Oil platform and Kingsgate bridge, supported by Interserve and Morgan Sindall. The feedback has been very positive.

New website launched

As you are reading this you will see our new style website, which we feel is more reflective of the work we undertake. As always, we welcome your feedback via [email protected]

Counting down until Anglia Ruskin joins us with Morgan Sindall (5th Jan 2015)

    The new year is here and we are busy preparing the site for the fifty students who will be on site w/c 8th March 2015.

Liverpool John Moores kick starts the new academic year (1st Nov 2014)

    The last week in October 2014 saw forty-five students (a mix of QS, Construction Management and Civil Engineers) undertake three projects at our Bircham Newton site. The projects were Ravenspurn Oil Platform, Kingsgate Bridge and The Gherkin.

Secretary of State for Scotland visits Constructionarium site (10th Oct 2014)

The Secretary of State for Scotland, The Liberal MP from Orkney and Shetland visited Sibbald Training in Blackridge Armadale on Thursday 9th October 2014.

Constructionarium Luncheon 2014 (17th Sep 2014)

On Wednesday 17th September, Rt. Hon, Nick Raynsford MP (President) and Stef Stefanou, OBE (Chairman) of Constructionarium hosted their annual event at RIBA to celebrate another successful year.  Guests included key stakeholders from cross industry, academia and professional bodies. (Click here to read more)

Constructionarium on Social Media (1st Sep 2014)

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