Constructionarium Ltd.


We receive alot of positive feedback from students, academics, industry and visitors.  Below are just a few.

“It is one of the best things I have done in my three years of being at the University. It brings the text books into reality.” Anil Joshi, Student, Nottingham University

“Wherever my career takes me, I definitely know I want to be involved in what happens on site.” Nicola Testo, Student, Leeds University

“If you do not understand the basics, you can not master anything more complicated.  It is all very well being able to find the third integral of a partial differential equation but that does not help when someone wants to know how much more water needs to into the concrete mix.” Martin Stanley, Student Imperial College, London

“Learning how to use tools correctly, read rebar drawings and seeing a project completed on time along with seeing basic construction processes first hand e.g. concrete pouring, lifting etc, has been very useful.” Amy Robson, Student, University of Salford

“Each team worked just like a small construction company with responsibilities for planning, setting out, health and safety, financial planning and the actual construction of the project.  This year, the weather was mixed with some strong wind and shows, however all the students rose to the challenges and all four projects were completed on time.”  Dr Hussain Al-Khalid, Lecturer, University of Liverpool

“We have found that Constructionarium positively influences students towards careers in engineering and is seen as an exemplar of best practice for other departments within the engineering department.” Emeritus Professor David Nethercot, Imperial College

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